Coach Annual Report

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Making a Photo Canvas

photoFor my last blog post of the semester, I decided to be a little elf once again and make another craft. I was in the holiday spirit and wanted to make a present for my friend for Christmas. So I gathered my tools and materials and set off to work on my latest project: a photo canvas.

All I needed was a photo, a canvas, mod podge, a foam brush, and paint. After looking at pictures for 30 minutes, I finally found the one that I wanted to use for my friend’s present. It is a photo of the two of us with our arms around each other, so I thought it would a perfect photo to put onto a craft. Feel free to pick whatever photo you want to place on this timeless craft.

I then printed it out on normal printer paper and cut it to fit the canvas. I then placed the photo where I wanted it and covered the entire surface with mod podge, which is a glue that can be applied to any surface and dries completely clear. It is super-handy for a variety of projects.

Now while making the craft takes no time at all really, letting the mod podge dry can take some time. As it dries, I slowly peel off the paper and the ink from the photo stays on the canvas. The mod podge causes the photo to be transferred onto the canvas.

All that is really left to do is add some color to the edges of the canvas with paint. It is not necessary to do this, but it gives the project a pop of color. With this last touch, the project is complete!

Overall, this project is easy to do, yet extremely creative. It does ask for patience and gentleness at times, but it is worth it when the project is done. Just like my last project, I believe it is nice to take the time to make someone a gift. It being a handmaid present I think shows the person that you truly love and appreciate them because you made them something unique and personal.

I hope this entry and the ones before have made you want to love trying new things and creating things yourself. It is so rewarding and fun!